TRENTON, MI – The Hat Tricks of the North American League have a break in the action over the next two weeks, giving their players a chance to go home, reset, relax, and get their minds right for the second half of the season.

For Danbury’s starting goaltender that reset involves a power down.

“Biggest thing for me is getting home and spending time with some family over Christmas,” said Hat Tricks netminder Josh Seeley.

It wasn’t an ideal start for Danbury this season, who sits in seventh place in the NAHL East. But despite some inconsistencies still remain within shouting distance of the playoffs.

“We just need to be confident in our abilities,” continued Seeley. “Billy (McCreary) and (Matt) Voity have given us the tools we need to be successful, now we just need to stick to what they have taught us and grab some wins in the second half.”

Seeley struggled out of the gate in his sophomore season, going winless in his first five starts.

“It wasn’t a good start for me this season. I put too much pressure on myself.” Said Seeley when asked about the season. “(Matt) Voity helped me with the goaltending part of it.”

“Billy is a mentor, helps me with the team and mental part of the game. It’s a great balance here in Danbury, and that’s what helped me find my game.”

The Hat Tricks needed him to find that game badly, especially after head coach Billy McCreary named Seeley captain early in the year.

“He’s a high character kid,” said McCreary of Seeley. “As a player and a person, he is always going to be there for his teammates on and off the ice. He is a leader, and he deserves to be captain of this team.”

“It’s a huge honor,” said Seeley of being named captain along with Hunter McCurdy. “I was definitely surprised when Billy said my name and handed me that letter, but I was ecstatic.”

It was the first time in Hat Tricks history that a goaltender had been named captain, which Seeley found amusing.

“I never understood the whole ‘goalies can’t be a captain’ thing. It is certainly different to be captain as a goalie, but I think anyone can be a leader.”

This is Seeley’s last year of junior eligibility, which is not lost on him. “It’s a special bond with these guys, I’ve lived with the team for the last two years and it’s something that I don’t want to think about ending.”

When asked about life past Danbury, the wily veteran remained focused on this season and what he is leaving behind in Danbury.

“These guys are gonna be the new leaders in Danbury, and we need to show them the ropes,” commented Seeley of the players coming back for next season. “All of the older guys try to be examples and show the younger guys how to do it, but there is still a lot of season left.”

Seeley and the Hat Tricks are in the midst of a hiatus from action until the 31st of December when they travel to Maine to take on the Nordiques.

Tune in that Friday and Saturday to see Seeley and the Hat Tricks battle the Nordiques in Lewiston.