DANBURY, CT – The Hat Tricks returned to Western Connecticut today as they prepare to take on the Maine Nordiques and start the second half of their season. For Hat Tricks winger Jazz Krivtsov that means a return to the routine and grind of the season

Krivtsov spent his holiday break “spending time with family and friends.” He claims that he “tried to take a short break from hockey and recover other ways.”

That recovery involves light lifting and yoga, something that Krivtsov swears by, and always does when he is back home in Santa Clarita, California.

“There is a ton of time spent on physical recovery and not as much spent on mental strength and recovery,” explained Krivtsov. “I like to do yoga because it handles both the physical and mental side of hockey and helps with composure on the ice.”

Krivtsov played a handful of games in the North American league for Minot this season before being picked up by Billy McCreary and put into action for the Hat Tricks on the 8th of October.

“I like the way that Jazz approaches the game,” says Hat Tricks head coach Billy McCreary. “He plays a good, honest, 200-foot game and has turned into one of the more effective forwards we have.”

“He is also from Shattuck, so we knew what we were getting,” continued McCreary with a grin on his face.

Krivtsov spent three years at Shattuck St. Mary’s, the touted Minnesota boarding school famous for its exceptional hockey program.

“It was unbelievable,” said Krivtsov about his time at Shattuck. “It was intimidating at first, to know who had played there before you, but it taught me a lot about hockey and made me a much more complete person on and off the ice.”

When watching Krivtsov on the ice there is one aspect of his game that stands out: his speed.

“That was all Shattuck,” said Krivtsov of his elusiveness on the ice. “I was always a pretty good skater, but one year at Shattuck made skating the strongest part of my game.”

Krivtsov left Santa Clarita with his mom and his brother to go play for Shattuck in Minnesota but loved his time in California youth hockey growing up.

“I think California is an underrated state for hockey talent,” claims Krivstov. “Every year more and more players come out of California and dominate at various levels.”

After leaving Shattucks, Krivstov spent a year in the NCDC with the Connecticut Jr. Rangers before making a home for himself here in Danbury.

Krivtsov attributes a lot of his success to the help he has gotten from Head Coach Billy McCreary and Assistant Coach Matt Voity.

“Both of them have a good mindset towards the game – nothing for granted, do a little every day, work on your craft, little things make the biggest difference,” said Krivtsov of the coaching he has received in Danbury. “All of that coaching really resonates with me.”

“Jazzy came in and started on the fourth line,” continued McCreary about his top-line winger. “He didn’t stay there for long, and now he has carved out a solid spot for himself up there with Mike and Gabe.”

“Coach gave me a shot and I want to keep producing and stay up there as long as I can,” said Krivtsov about his role with the team.

As he comes to the final half of his junior hockey career, Krivtsov made his goals clear for the rest of the season.

“I want to make the playoffs, and I know that the rest of the room feels the same way.”

The Hat Tricks start that playoff push with a weekend series in Lewiston to take on the Maine Nordiques this Friday and Saturday.

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